Insurance and Financial Arrangements

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What is Unique About My Office?

  • Our office is unique because we are “in network” with over 25 different dental and medical insurance companies! Most patients don’t realize that if you see an “in network” provider you actually save money because it reduces your out of pocket payment to the doctor.
  • A lot of offices state that they “File All Insurances,” but it does not reduce the patients’ out of pocket expenses because a doctor has to be an “in network” provider to reduce your portion of payment.
  • Call us today and we will gladly check to see if we are a “in network” provider for your insurance company.


  • Any amount not covered by your insurance company is due the day services are rendered. Payment from insurance companies will be made directly to our office unless full payment has been made at the time that services are rendered.
  • Any balance after insurance reimbursement is the patient’s responsibility.


  • Please bring all of your insurance cards, dental and medical, and/or insurance or policy numbers on the day of your appointment. If you have insurance you should notify us prior to your appointment. This will shorten your visit time and may reduce the amount you pay on your first appointment.


  • Cash, Visa, Mastercard, and Discover
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