Poor Diet Has Become A Leading Cause Of Disease, Death

Reuters (12/28, Win) reported that “poor diets have become a leading cause of disease and death, prompting calls for a new approach in 2019 to how food is produced to stem rising rates of malnutrition.” The article added that “eating unhealthy food, or not having enough food, has led to rising rates of malnutrition, with one in eight adults globally now obese – while one in nine go hungry and almost 2 billion lack essential vitamins and minerals.”

Meanwhile, HealthDay (12/27) reported, “People who drink lots of sugar-sweetened drinks may be putting themselves at a heightened risk for kidney disease,” researchers concluded in a “study of more than 3,000 black men and women in Mississippi.” The study revealed that “those who consumed the most soda, sweetened fruit drinks and water had a 61 percent increased risk of developing chronic kidney disease.” The findings were published in the Clinical Journal of the American Society of Nephrology.

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